In Spirit living - Leven in de kracht van je geest

In-spiratie = In spirit living = In de Geest leven.

De mens werd bij zijn geboorte een fysiek lichaam gegeven door de natuur.
              Maar ergens bestaat de oorspronkelijke,
                                     van God afkomstige vonk die,
                                             wanneer hij wordt hervonden, 
                                                        zijn bewuste Geest zal zijn.


Rodney Collin - schrijver: The theory of concious harmony

At birth, human was given a fysicle body by nature.
But somewere exists the original, intential devine spark
that, when re-found
will be the concious guiding Spirit

Patanjali said " When you are inspired (in spirit)....... dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive., and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be."
"Perhaps our mistake is that we want peace in the wrong place. People ask for peace in their souls—they should ask for turmoil in their souls, so that they may find real peace in their spirits."
The Theory of Conscious Harmony, Rodney Collin

Without spirit, my soul is sleeping, somewhere alone and cold…….
Until I find the spark to warm it up and lead it back to me 

~Mario 2007.


  1. Portretfoto komt van internet.
    De tekst komt uit het boek : The theory of concious harmony van Rodney Collin.


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