Skyscraper - wolkenkrabber

Gedicht uit Home of Health and Happiness - Floriade 2012

First day of the Fall (of the skyscrapers)

Oh Skyscrapers !
Why can't you be like trees ?
Did you hear about the Forrest Muse....?
You made her run
You made her flee

Oh bricks and walls
Can you not dance with leaves ?
Why you crushed them all ?
You made them cry
You made them greave

Oh iron, Skeletons from Metal
Are you blind, can you not see ?

Oh why, mad conquerors of the sky !
do you not bother
about the things you leave !

Oh Red, Purple flames
Look what you've done !
Is this how it's gonna be ?
The smoked ground is tumbling
from big strong war wheels !

Oh Man of greed !
You are blind and can not see !!
Do you hear silence call ?
A fearless voice singing:

Dear sons, my daughters
Who is the bravest of them all ?
Love me as I loved you once
Skyscrapers will fall !


Tribute to the first day of Fall,
The first day of change to come.

To stand like a skyscraper is strong
To be a skyscraper is waiting for the Fall to come.


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